TRM605W Robotic Welding Torches (External To Robot)
    • TRM605W Robotic Welding Torches (External To Robot)
Product Details:

Product features

Changeable swan neck, the welding gun comes with the water stop function; the replacement of the neck is more convenient

The normally closed wiring connection mechanism ensures the effectively stop of the machine when the robot signal receives after the collider is triggered

In the case of accidental impact, the polymer insulation disk can withstand the stress fracture effectively, not only protect the robot body in the startup state, but also protect the robot body under the stop condition


Technical parameters(GB15579.7-2013/IEC 60974-7:2005)

Type of cooling: Liquid cooled

Rating: 600A CO2

              600A mixed gas M21(ISO14175)

Duty cycle: 100% 

Wire-Ø: 1.01.6mm

Torch geometries: 22°


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